Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Since October, I've made giclee prints of three subjects and sold a small( 5"x7")one of each. I've lined up two shows for April and August of 2010. I've stated working on a new series on larger sized paper. The subject this week is two male parrotfish fighting. The neon pink markings around the eyes contrast with the deep ultramarine bodies in a most satisfying way. I've had my latest paintings professionally photographed to add to the the website . The photographer recommended the Edith Caldwell Gallery in Sausalito as a possible venue for my work- she moved to Rockport, Maine in October ! The guidance of my intuition will indicate the next step.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

I sold a pufferfish painting today from my recent show at the Noe Valley Ministry.Then I visited my other pufferfish, painted on commission several years ago for Melissa Smith and David Saslav of Renditions Music Services. Their haunted music studio party evoked great hilarity - spiders,skeletons, potions everywhere and zany piano student "torture" administered by the demented Dr. Flaustenbach and his assistant Eye-Gore reduced young guests to squirming, giggling protoplasm. Later on, the cauldron bubbled with networking and art marketing ideas.A very satisfying day.