Sunday, February 28, 2010

Gung Hay Fat Choy! Happy Chinese New Year!

Today, the two week Chinese New Year period ends. Time to put away the lovely decorations and hope the Tiger treats us well this coming year. I saw a wonderful movie, Sea Horse Sleuth, at the Ocean Film Festival on Feb. 7th.

Sea Horse Sleuth video

I'm inspired by the nuanced colors of seahorses and have been painting them avidly for a few months.

I took down my art show from the Tomate Cafe - thanks to all of you who dropped by to see it. I'll be in a group show in April at Autobody Fine Art in Alameda in April. My next solo show will be in August at the LightRoom in Berkeley. I'll post the details as I get them.

My son is getting married in a month; I've been excited and somewhat distracted from painting. I'm grateful my weekly art (MICA)classes keep me focused.