Monday, February 27, 2012

A glass octopus, my latest watercolor on Yupo paper. I'm finally beginning to enjoy working in this new/old way. I haven't used felt tip pens or watercolor in a while - building layers this way is fun instead of frustrating like my last two efforts with the synthetic paper. Figuring out what will stick to it, although stuff smudges onto the side of your hand, not the worst thing in the world !

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

I have spent the last 6 weeks experimenting with watercolor on yupo paper, a synthetic paper that resists water. It's challenging to work with as the brush has to be really dry and the paint right from the tube - I watched a couple of how-to videos on the Empty Easel website that gave me some pointers and inspiration.I find I just have to keep at it to discover its unique qualities. It's incredibly easy to erase parts with a wet tissue. If I make the brush marks precisely and confidently, it's easier. It dries very slowly and it's difficult to build up layers as the underneath one get blurred quickly. I'm determined to finish the parrot fish although Arches watercolor paper would obviously work better for such a saturated image. I'm ready to move back to canvas again. It's been fun revisiting watercolor and understanding that I gradually shifted to acrylic for the more intense colors.
Yupo may be ideal for depicting the transparency of jellyfish so I may have another go at it.