Saturday, November 22, 2014

These three collages use the image of white horses from a Vogue magazine fashion spread. The top one incorporates the painting of the Madonna of New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, a place very close to my heart. Painted by Leo Neufeld, it shows the Immaculate Hear of Mary, the patroness of the Hermitage. The second has a bittersweet aspect to me , combining the ancient statue in Copan   and the modernizing capital of Uzbekisthan, Tashkent.. The last collage is a distillation  of the sacred with nature  shown in its many aspects. I was very happy to sell this collage to a friend in May; just returned from several weeks hiking in Zion National Park shown as background ,she is a Wood Horse in Chinese astrology.  I have since put the image on my credit card.

Monday, June 23, 2014

  After a prolonged hiatus in posting,  I'm able to post images again. These were made in January, shortly after my beloved 16 year old cat was diagnosed with kidney failure. These icons focus on healing mind and body for both of us.The top image show my cat in a Vietnamese community house, with symbols of the five seasons surrounding her The next one depicts powerful tiger goddesses in a Vietnamese  Cao Dai temple. The third one takes place a Vietnamese Daoist temple with  polar bear and  bison bearing /being offerings with a "cost me an arm and leg" reminder at the bottom.  The last image of the turtle brain is a metaphor for the calming effect of meditation and. hearkens back  to my earlier undersea painting.

Friday, January 10, 2014

These are my Christmas or Solstice creations. A red Tara surrounded by flames dominates " Majesty" while the peace of Yosemite in winter reminds me to "Observe". I've created three more panels to midwife my cat's fragile health. She's 15 now and need sub Q injections of fluids every other day. I'll post those as soon as I get phots taken professionally. She's doing well - the icons are doing their part to comfort and inspire my efforts.

I'm amazed to discover I didn't post photos of my Open Studio in early November taken by my good friend and helper Denise Minter. The top photo is of a 12" x 12" panel titled " Burning". Come to think of it, I switched to a new laptop in November too so figuring out the new Windows photo gallery has been a hassle. I cant even crop my photos.