Saturday, November 22, 2014

These three collages use the image of white horses from a Vogue magazine fashion spread. The top one incorporates the painting of the Madonna of New Camaldoli Hermitage in Big Sur, a place very close to my heart. Painted by Leo Neufeld, it shows the Immaculate Hear of Mary, the patroness of the Hermitage. The second has a bittersweet aspect to me , combining the ancient statue in Copan   and the modernizing capital of Uzbekisthan, Tashkent.. The last collage is a distillation  of the sacred with nature  shown in its many aspects. I was very happy to sell this collage to a friend in May; just returned from several weeks hiking in Zion National Park shown as background ,she is a Wood Horse in Chinese astrology.  I have since put the image on my credit card.

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