Saturday, August 10, 2013

 The top version is the one corrected in Photoshop- the lower one shows all the little glitches. Now off to the studio to correct the real painting ! I picked up a gessoed birch wood panel after my visit to the photographer. I need to paint a 20" x 20" example of my work to hang in the Art Span exhibit space for the month of October- each participating artist may hang one.

 I am thrilled to have professional photos of my latest artwork at last. My camera isn't capturing their beauty and the plastic-like surface of the Yupo paper creates a bounce effect that distorts the colors. Don Felton at Almac Photo in San Francisco does fabulous work at reasonable prices. I watched as he removed some surface blemishes in Photoshop- pure magic. I'm getting my publicity ready for my next Open Studio at the beginning of November. This is the image on my publicity postcard ; it appears in a much paler version on the back behind the text.