Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two layers of " New Zealand Rock Lobster" which I started in early June after seeing Matisse's work at SFMOMA. I started by methodically filling in the shadows and details. The completed work is black, red and yellow with bright blue accents to heighten the contrast. I continue to be inspired by Matisse as I read his 2 part biography by Hilary Spurling. I'm currently finishing "The Unknown Matisse".
Time has flown by since my last post in May. Philadelphia and environs is replete with fabulous public gardens and a stupendous museum, equally nurturing for my creativity. On Memorial Day, I visited the SF Museum of Art for my first visit to the Stein Collection show with my friend and fellow artist Erin. We were amazed and delighted at the excellent quality and breadth of the show- I am enraptured by Matisse and Cezanne and have made repeated visits. In June I saw the Picasso show at the De Young for the first time- followed by a second visit a few days later. My creativity was galvanized by Picasso, deeply inspired by the variety and originality of his work.