Sunday, January 31, 2010

On January 9, I signed a lease on a studio ( 200 sq. ft.) with huge south facing windows at the Art Explosion ,a multi-studio former warehouse on 17th & Potrero. I imagined using it as a gallery space for Open Studios in the Spring and Fall- Big Time Art Star . Then I didn't want to give up my 140 sq. ft. studio in the Noe Valley Ministry, 10 minutes walk from my house,which seemed bigger after I moved room divider screens and finished artwork to the new place. (The Church will be closing for renovation in November). Last Friday, hanging my large watercolors on the walls at Art Explosion, I realized the sun would hit them and bleach them out. So I decided to cut my losses and give notice. I want to get paintings reproduced/gicleed,framed and out in various venues. I need a storage unit and a smaller work table at the Ministry studio to create more space. I could move out of my apartment and use it as an art studio- what would my cat make of that ? Life in the storage unit or at the Plaza with Eloise ? Tune in for the sequel.