Wednesday, October 30, 2013

 This was the first painting where I glued photographs onto the work - from my collection taken at the British Museum.  The painting on the top is the original version with my attempt to render the diaphanous jellyfish with ink and acrylic paint. Once I got rolling with collage, I decided to try enlarging the source photo and pasted it over the painted part. I like the result. The photograph is of the Shah Cherag mosque in Isfahan, Iran that inspired the painting. My whimsical touch was replacing the chandelier with a jelly.

  This one is unusual because I went back to the original version by lifting off the nautilus image to reveal the pool of light in the center of the amber disc. The eye of the nautilus look hokey to me and I like the simplicity of the final version. It feels serene to me. I call it "Nautical Map." It's 12" x 12" ink and paper on wood panel.

  I took the top one to the photographer last week. I was working furiously to finish it in time for my appointment. I kept looking at it when I brought it home, wondering what was the matter with it. It wasn't done yet. I listened to what it wanted to tell me, much like a character in a novel taking on a life of its own as the author writes. A thoroughly delightful experience. It told me when I was finished as well. I call it "Follow ".

Thursday, October 3, 2013

 I created this 12" x 12" collage entitled "Wisdom" for the 12 x 12 exhibit at the Modern Eden Gallery at 403 Francisco St. in San Francisco. ArtSpan, the non-profit agency sponsoring Open Studios, arranged for a number of venues ( Super Hubs ) to showcase artists participating in this year's Open Studios.This exhibit runs from Oct. 15 to Nov.2 with an opening reception on Oct.19 from 6 - 10 pm.
  The collage is on a gessoed wood panel made Canadian birch with an alder frame. It makes for an elegant and substantial presentation. Below is another interpretation of the same subject- I think the border looks like one of the wonderful embroideries the Mexican women wear so flamboyantly.

 This new collage is for a poster for Open Studio on Nov. 2 and 3. Musing on various titles, I've come up with "Adoration", " Terra" and "Territory ". It's composed of snippets of my other paintings as well as magazine photos collaged together. Last night, I watched a documentary on Romare Bearden, "Bearden Plays Bearden" ."What you forget is more important than what you remember" struck me as a profound observation insight. I'll definitely be using some of the techniques I saw him use.