Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Another double take - this one called "Goddess Pondering" . She has been through many versions and may have the last word. Last image is the final version and she is called "Goddess Wonders."

I'm delighting in creating two versions of one painting. The first is called " Soaring " ; the second is "Innocence ", perhaps ? Sister's gaze is mysterious .

 Excited about my latest painting. It's still unfinished- black( or blue ) lines around the photos on the edge and maybe a basket weave of black lines over the entire surface- might obscure the image too much and be difficult to erase if I change my mind. Love the intense color and the vibrating energy of the radiating diatoms. What fun to take an unfinished work and turn it into a treasure  !

 This is the finished version, entitled "Basket of Stars." It will be exhibited at Dogpatch Cafe and Art Gallery, 2295 3rd St in San Francisco from Oct.14 to Dec.1.with a reception on Nov. 1 from 6 to 8 pm.This is another of the Super Hub locations for Open Studio artists to showcase their work for the upcoming Open Studios.