Wednesday, September 26, 2012

 Last night I went to a workshop at Art Span, Open Studios sponsoring organization, on DYI guerrilla marketing strategies, presented by artist Josh Coffy  and author Scott James  . The material was well presented, using engaging slides and entertaining examples. We received a one page hand out " 2 weeks to Open Studios: DYI Offline Promotions " packed with suggestions and spaces/ boxes for each day of the week to check off as tasks are done . We practiced giving our quick pitch- first practice on friends, they suggested. I felt great confidence and enthusiasm after telling Josh "I paint sea creatures,tankers and ancient sculpture. I'm making an environmental statement without judgment - it's all equally beautiful and it's how we live today." He said" I want to come see it. " I gave out business cards , writing the studio address and dates on it - I need to get postcards printed and update my website . 

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