Saturday, October 20, 2012

      The first day of Open Studio was wonderful. My friend Denise, an artist who lives nearby, dropped by on her way home from her Saturday errands. She was concerned about the chicken she left in the car but she stayed for over a half- hour. She really liked my new paintings, the Istanbul Reverie series ; she commented that they have depth , in contrast to the more one-dimensional sea creature portraits - an interesting and informative exchange. She recommended a cafe in the Mission, the Red Poppy, as a good place to show my work. She made a lovely comment as she was leaving-" you represent all us crone artists, Rosie !" 
  While she was there, my son called ; when I called him back, he  asked how the show was going - I was touched by his thoughtfulness. He's learning about artists' needs to help them with the grant application process.
   Kelly Burlingham  , the glass artist in my building gave a demonstration of fusing colored squares in the kiln and twisting them into long canes as they emerge. Tomorrow, she's making glass candy canes - so much fun to watch and see others enjoy.
  I was about to leave at 5: 15 when my friends Daryl and Gretchen arrived ;"but it says until 6 on your postcard ", said Daryl. We've been to many art events together so I asked her to distinguish between an original watercolor and a giclee - fine art print.  " You can see the paint on the surface in this one"- she's one sharp cookie !  They both bought some photo cards from me- 5 for $7 ; Gretchen likes the turtle images, reminds her of being in Hawaii. They also enjoyed the grapes and almonds from "Twin Girls" at the Noe Valley farmers' market.

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